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bow_dude 28-Jul-17
6x7 29-Jul-17
bow_dude 30-Jul-17
BULELK1 02-Aug-17
bow_dude 02-Aug-17
From: bow_dude
Has anyone received their Utah 2017 big game tag this year? Not sure if mine came and I have filed it somewhere or if they haven't been sent out yet.

From: 6x7
I received mine about three weeks ago. LE Elk .

From: bow_dude
That is what I was afraid of... Guess I better contact the DWR about a lost/misplaced license.

What I did was a few years back I would receive a tag from X-state but the hunt wasn't for months-------->

So I have a calendar on the inside of the kitchen pantry door that is always a month ahead, I simply would tape my new tag to the month of the hunt dates.

That way, as stated, that calendar was always a month ahead and I would see my tag/stamps/license ect. always in advance....

So far----so good

Good luck, Robb

From: bow_dude
I have my electronic copy on my cell phone app, so I am good as far as a license, just don't have a tag to put on the critter. Of course, if things go as usual, I probably won't even take a shot. If I remember, I will go down to the DWR next week and see what I can do for a replacement. My daughter lost her loper tag for Wyoming a few years ago, so we drove to the local store in Evanston and for a $10 fee, they gave us a replacement on the spot. Not sure how Utah works.

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