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From: B2K
My brother and I drew 6a archery bull tags for this year. We've been looking forward to this hunt since we began applying 6 years ago. I've done as much internet research as I feel I can, I've gridded out most of the unit on Google earth and recorded the coordinates of waterholes and other promising looking features. I've also been fortunate to converse with several other Bowsiter's regarding this unit. Since we've never been to this part of Arizona and we're traveling from Wisconsin, I was just wondering if anyone else had any general input as to things to be aware of, areas to avoid, etc. We intend to stay the entire season. We'll be camping out of my enclosed trailer and we'll be bringing a 4 wheeler to allow us to split up and be a little more mobile. Thanks!

From: notags
Congrats on the tag! I can't think of anything to be worry about, its a big unit, lots of elk, and therefore lots of hunters. I hunted it quite a bit in my early archery days. You will have a fun hunt. You will more than likely encounter rain on the hunt, we are having a pretty wet monsoon this year. If you are bringing an ATV look into the AZGF regs for them, as residents we have to have them licensed to use on forest service roads, which is what most of 6A is. I don't know how they handle out of state vehicles if Wisconsin does not have licensing for them.

Good luck on your hunt, and remember, have fun!

From: thomas
im pretty sure u don't need a license for ATV for NR on forest roads. they only require it for R's. I had this hunt a few yrs ago

From: notags
Exceptions for OHV sticker.

All of the following apply for non-residents

The person is not a resident of Arizona – and –

The person owns the vehicle – and –

The vehicle displays a current off-highway vehicle user indicia (sticker/decal) or registration (license plate) from the person’s state of residency – and –

The vehicle is not in Arizona for more than 30 consecutive days

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