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34 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Mexico
Contributors to this thread:
Jgrossetete 28-Jul-17
Barrera 29-Jul-17
HDE 31-Jul-17
ohiohunter 31-Jul-17
From: Jgrossetete
Who's ready?

From: Barrera
So ready. Bow is anxiously waiting to let em fly. Tuned and ready to go. I'm already out there mentally.

From: HDE
One month to go - need to be ready by the end of the month even though I have the 2nd hunt for the Serengeti of elk 8^)

From: ohiohunter
I really should quit eating a gallon of ice cream every night before bed. I guess my partner was joking when he said it would help w/ my stamina, who knew he was being sarcastic with his text!

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