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Trimming Limbs on Iowa Public Land??
Contributors to this thread:
slickyboyboo 29-Jul-17
hawkeye arrow 22-Oct-17
Jeff in MN 31-Oct-17
Ollie 01-Nov-17
From: slickyboyboo
I've been reading, and can't find anywhere in the regs that states you can't trim limbs when hunting out of a tree stand (climber, lock on, etc). The only place I can find anything is where it states that you can't trim or cut limbs, is in the Blinds section, no mention of trimming for tree stands.

"You may construct a blind on a game management area using only the natural vegetation found in the area, except that no trees or parts of trees other than willows can be cut for that purpose."

I don't think trimming is allowed but have never heard of anyone being questioned about it. If you keep it to smaller limbs I can't believe you would have a problem. screw in steps and hangers are definitley not allowed and you could be fined per step. You may want to call a game warden and ask them. There phone numbers are listed in hunting regs.

From: Jeff in MN
I am guessing that if you cut 2" branches to facilitate getting a climber up higher you could get in trouble. Just how big will probably fall at the discretion of a warden and might depend on how many got cut. Dead branch cutting might be easier to get by with too.

From: Ollie
If the law states that you can't cut vegetation for constructing a blind that applies to both ground blinds and elevated stands. Snip or saw some branches and you are giving a law enforcement officer an excuse to bust you.

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