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Deer Mangement permits
New York
Contributors to this thread:
KC 01-Aug-17
Aubs8 01-Aug-17
GAFFER1 01-Aug-17
SJJ 02-Aug-17
XbowfromNY 02-Aug-17
Scooby-doo 02-Aug-17
Pat Lefemine 03-Aug-17
swampbowman 03-Aug-17
tompolaris 03-Aug-17
3rd Degree 05-Aug-17
GetEmDrake 10-Aug-17
ronp 21-Aug-17
bas4109 22-Aug-17
Petcontain 26-Aug-17
From: KC
Doe permits are available. Got mine this am

From: Aubs8
Got mine... sort of... I drew both but they were unable to print them. :)

My two sons and I applied for 4H - none of us got one. I thought my one son had a chance with 1 preference point but no luck. Kind of sucks

From: SJJ
2 in 7M

From: XbowfromNY
got 1 in 3N and 1 in 3S. I don't shoot does, but like to have them incase I ever see a piebald or something wacky.

From: Scooby-doo
Got two in 4J and this will be the first year ina long time I may shoot a couple older does. Lots and lots of does and fawns around the last couple years. Shawn

From: Pat Lefemine
1 in 6k. I don't use them but they're good to have in case the kids want to shoot a doe

From: swampbowman
Living in 8g pretty much means getting all the doe tags I could want or use.I picked up two yesterday and they will get filled.DEC is giving out 38,500 doe tags in this unit, which doesn't seem to hurt our deer numbers any still killing 11 deer/sq. mile,but I can't understand how their 13% success (seems crazy low) figure can be correct.Most of those I know fill at least one for meat but maybe I just run with a bunch of carnivores.

From: tompolaris
one in 4 F

From: 3rd Degree
Swampbowman, love the Alabama swamp. I used to live right across the street. Good huntin if ya know where to go. Obviously you do.

From: GetEmDrake
I put in for 7R as a resident twice, got one. Heard from the licensing agent everyone has had the same result. They've been getting one.

From: ronp
I got two, one in 6K, a low probability area, and one in 7A.

From: bas4109
I drew 6K (Landowner) and 8N.

From: Petcontain
The wife and I each drew 1- 7M and 1 - 7J

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