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From: slim
Wondering if any of you guys could tell me what the Hunting is like. Been looking into buying property. Seems from what I've read St. Lawrence County offers the most bang for your buck. Property seems very affordable. Was looking at a piece in Brasher NY. Anyone familiar with the area? Would love some insight. Thanks in advance..... Slim

From: Pat Lefemine
Very affordable properties for sure, and decent deer hunting. The further north you go the less chance of heavy snow, but it gets bitter, bitter cold up in that area. My cousin lived there and I hunted it a few times almost 30 years ago. Never saw a deer but things have changed. It's not going to be like the lake plains region, but if you are looking to own affordable property and a honest chance of killing a decent buck every few years it may be a good option for you. Great waterfowl hunting up there too. Good luck.

From: slim
Thank you for the info Pat... to be honest I was hoping you would respond... I know you own property up that way although I don't think your that far north... I'm in the investigative stage of buying property... trying to aquire as much information as I can before pulling the trigger.... been looking around in western NY as well... thanks again I appreciate the response

From: Pat Lefemine
I'm much further south than St. Lawrence, in Oneida county just north of Utica. It doesn't get quite as cold as St. Lawrence, but we see many times the amount of snow they do so there's more chance of winter kill near us.

From what I recall, they may have more farmland up there too. Land prices between my area and St. Lawrence are pretty similar, both are very reasonable at around 800-1200 per acre. Once you go west in the Lake Plains region, or south toward Jamestown, prices double and triple.

From: DianaLong
I am near to that place @slim. I live in NY.

From: bas4109
I know that near the Jefferson County border around the Indian River Lakes there are some great pieces of property and the prices are not out of sight.

Like Pat said, great waterfowl hunting too. If you do some research you might find a good deer/turkey/waterfowl piece of land.

From: wildan
I live a short drive from the Brasher area.St.Lawrence co. can be hit or miss for deer population.I would not buy any property,no matter how good it looks if there are Amish or Mennonite in the area.They totally ruin your chances of killing much.It may sound harsh but it is the truth.I am not a bigot and have some Amish friends but if they hunt ;they will wipe out "all" the deer.

From: Squash
X2 what wildan stated. Same thing happening in Lewis And Oneida County.

From: Zach

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