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Learning to hunt?
Rhode Island
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Ornonic 02-Aug-17
Smitty 03-Aug-17
RIDeerhunter 10-Aug-17
From: Ornonic
Hey all, I have been shooting bows for years. I have never had anyone to teach me how to actually hunt. any advice on where I should start to learn?

From: Smitty
Hey Ornonic - Your best bet is to try and find someone who can show you the ropes. Spend a little time at a shop or ask around. The other suggestion is to check out some youtube videos. You can find all kinds of information available. There are also several sites that pertain to bow hunting and you can pick up tons of tips there as well. This site has a wealth of information and much of it can be applied to deer hunting as well as elk hunting. Good luck in the upcoming season.

From: RIDeerhunter
what city are you from?

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