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Wolves Still on Endangered List
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From: razorhead
Well we lost on Tuesday, federal protection remains on the Great Lakes Wolves, because they have not recovered from their home range,,,,,,, so what are they going to do, introduce wolves back to other states????? What a joke

Wis Sean Duffy is asking Trump to appeal the ruling, farmers and ranchers are losing,,,,,,,

The UP will continue to have fair to poor hunting because you have 2 gifts from the Federal Govt, poor mgt of the forest, and wolves...........

Put a hard winter on this place this year, the herd is going down again, and I for one expect a bad winter

Wyoming can hunt and trap wolves, ruled by the same court, because wolves were not native in those areas, where they had been introduced,,,,,, you can not make this stuff up........

I can assure you, the wolf population in the western UP is way up,,,,,,,

I live down by Detroit..... and I see the liberal crap down here in the news.... If you ask me.... The only people who should have a vote on wolves are those of you who live in wolf country.

Exactly Chris.

From: happygolucky
I had to cancel my Musky trip up north this weekend due to a family issue so I took in Deer Fest since I was home. Ted Nugent was a guest speaker. Like him or hate him, I did love what he had to say about wolves in the Midwest. Speaking for Wisconsin, he said "We like wolves and think wolves belong in WI - 8 of them." I laughed hard at the 8 of them comment.

Luckily of me so far, while there are lots of wolves near my place in northern WI (Oneida County), we haven't had one on camera on my UP land. Yotes we have.

Getting control back in the state's hands is going to be a battle and I'm not sure the state's will win it. It was amazing how fast the quotas were reached in the 2 years WI had a wolf season.

From: razorhead
I was down there also,,,,, I was the guy who asked Ted, about the wolves and the guy next to me, said well you got him going now......

I was wearing my anti wolf T shirt,,,,,, he signed it,,,,,,,,

From: happygolucky
Very cool Razor. I could not tell for sure what the shirt was from where I was standing. My son and I were standing along the tape on the far right. I wanted to ask Ted his opinion of APRs in MI but ran out of time.

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