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live2hunt88 04-Aug-17
MikeS 05-Aug-17
Buckfever 06-Aug-17
Edge Hunter 09-Aug-17
whitetail24 14-Aug-17
From: live2hunt88
I'm planning my annual trip to my family farm in edgar county.

I have 2 weeks to choose from Nov. 3-12 or 10-19.

Which would you all choose and why?

I was thinking 3-12, that's around when I came last year but things didn't really heat up and get real good until the last 3 or 4 days so now I'm skeptical as to if the 2nd week was better or if that's just how thing worked out where I was at last year.

thoughts ?

From: MikeS
The first shotgun season begins 11/17 so that might effect your second choice. I have found that I encounter larger bucks just after the lockdown period of the rut so the 3rd week of Nov would be great other than the shotgun season right then.

For overall numbers of encounters with deer, I'd lean towards the November 3-12 choice. Either way, you can't go wrong if you are getting out hunting! Good luck

From: Buckfever
Northern half of the state 3-14 is the peak rut then there is lockdown 15-17 and late seek starts on the 18th and picks up 19-21. The problem is with how Thanksgiving falls the gun season is early so I would pick your first date this year.

From: Edge Hunter
I would take the week before gun season. That is when I see big bucks moving.

From: whitetail24
November 7th through 10th is always my favorite

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