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22 more days. Who's Ready?
New Mexico
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Jgrossetete 09-Aug-17
splitlimb13 09-Aug-17
Cheesehead Mike 10-Aug-17
HDE 10-Aug-17
Unit 9er 15-Aug-17
ohiohunter 15-Aug-17
bigbuckbob 21-Aug-17
moch 22-Aug-17
Unit 9er 23-Aug-17
Barrera 23-Aug-17
From: Jgrossetete

From: splitlimb13
Oo oo me me !!!!????????

Not quite...

From: HDE
I still have 35 days...

From: Unit 9er
No tag for me this year, but I will be calling in many a bull for my blood brothers! We leave in 9 days.

From: ohiohunter
9 days! Holy hotness.

From: bigbuckbob
I'm ready, but didn't get a tag in the non-resident lottery :( Maybe next year.

From: moch
I feel your excitement folks. Good luck on opening up the season.

From: Unit 9er
Outta here Thursday, heading North to cut a new camp (THANK SLO & G/F). This is the 3rd time on State Land, that they have moved the designated camping area, this time it's into a 3 or 4 acre fenced-in pen in blowdown with no shade! It's gonna be fun taking a dump in the woods with neighbors this year! I think they keep moving us around to clear the land, cheap labor, I guess. We will be up there a week before the hunt to scout, then it's game on!

From: Barrera
Unit9er, Good luck and hope your hard work ends with some meat on the ground. Post some pics .

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