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Where/When Do You Practice?
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BGbasbhat 10-Aug-17
BOWUNTR 12-Aug-17
Dorobuta 05-Oct-17
metau 05-Oct-17
Scar Finga 06-Oct-17
12 Ring 21-Oct-17
From: BGbasbhat
Hey All, Been a while; but wanted to know where and when you guys practice? I leave for work well before daylight and don't get to breathe until my boys are down at 8p.m. Would love to find a place to shoot at lunch or maybe just setup floodlights in my backyard....but that still only gives me 30 yards.

How do you guys stay in shape and form for the season?


BOWUNTR's embedded Photo
BOWUNTR's embedded Photo
My yard and Granite Mountain Archers, which is about 5 miles from me. 13 days til the opener.... Ed F

From: Dorobuta
Paseo Vista in chandler Archery Headquarters, also in chandler Usery Pass

my side yard (20 yards)

From: metau
Papago park has a range, it is open during daylight hours. Have taken many extended lunches there.

From: Scar Finga
Mostly my back yard, I get 80 yards. I also shoot out of my garage when it's really hot, I can get 40 yards. Usery Park is a great option as well.

From: 12 Ring
where are you located? theres Arizona Archery Club which has an indoor 45 yrd range located on somewhere between 10th-15th ave and Deer Valley rd

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