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Archery Range - Ogden Area
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Native Okie 12-Aug-17
YZF-88 16-Aug-17
BIGHORN 11-Oct-17
From: Native Okie
I'll be moving north of Salt Lake in the upcoming months and wanted to know what archery ranges, clubs, etc. are in the area. Will most likely be located Centerville, Farmington Areas. Thanks in advance.

From: YZF-88
Wilde Arrow as an indoor range. It's only 25 or so yards. You'd probably have some luck driving up to the foothills with a target and practicing on public land. That's what I do now. Used to shoot in my back yard until the cops showed up.

Edge archery in north ogden. Midland drive near the air port. Brigham bowmen in Mantua. Cache archers shoot at the cache fair grounds in Logan.

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