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Mathews legacy
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Team T & A 13-Aug-17
Team T & A 15-Aug-17
Team T&A 10-Sep-17
Mike D 20-Oct-17
Team T & A 22-Nov-17
From: Team T & A
Can anyone tell me if the poundage is adjustable. Set to 70 since I purchased it close to 15 years ago. Shoulder can't handle it right now

From: Team T & A
Heading to Macrotech . Going to see if they can breathe some new life into my 02 legacy. Looking at the Mathews rest, new string, cables, etc. Monkey tails..eek eek eek. Need poundage knocked down to #60 atleast

From: Team T&A
Well I made it to Macrotech. I got a new string and cables. Found out my draw length was an inch too long . Guess I'm shrinking. They lowered the draw weight to 60# . Man I can actually draw it now. Shoulder is shot. Next year it's maybe 50 # . Ha. Soo anyhow I'm shooting a lot better to say the least. Len and techs really went that xtra mile for me. Got some arrows cut down and counter weight stabilizer. So just goes to show that new life can be breathed into old bows and old archers. Just takes time and patience. Remember stay calm and pick a spot

From: Mike D
Glad you got it dialed in! Were you able to install the shorter cams?

From: Team T & A
Yes , Len changed out the cam to shorten the draw length. Oh but after all that I developed bursitis in my left elbow . Soooo my buddy leant me his crossbow. Sucks. I have never had to go this route before. Barnett Raptor FX . Needs red dot scope .

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