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Bowsite Community,

Some of you may not be aware of a situation that happened last week involving Stearns Outfitters out of Wyoming. Long story short, he was charged with animal cruelty after one of his horses was tied up for multiple hours and tortured. It later died of exhaustion. Feel free to google it and learn about the incident. In 2015 he was charged for a similar incident involving the way he interacted with his horses.

As hunters, many of us are horseman as well. I dont think anyone here can deny what he did was completely unnecessary and should not be tolerated. Likewise, if he is willing to treat one of his animals like this, he would have no problem doing it to all his horses and likely already has and no one saw it happen. I post here today and encourage anyone who has used, planned to use, or even knows Stearns Outfitters to rethink that decision to support his outfitting business moving forward. Feel free to call his business and let him know how you feel about his actions. 307-733-9434.

From: Topgun 30-06
"Stearns has a lengthy criminal history in Teton County, according to court records that indicate he's been arrested for multiple DUIs and has been under investigation for family battery. "

Sounds like a great guy---NOT!!!

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