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UNIT 27 Deer
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TNelson82 15-Aug-17
Carbon Chaos 15-Aug-17
osage 16-Aug-17
From: TNelson82
Anyone bow hunt unit 27? I am heading there in a couple weeks and am exploring my options. Leaning towards Blue Range Primitive area. Any insight?

From: Carbon Chaos
I am thinking about working the upper blue river area in a couple weeks also. August 25-27. Never been there but based on the research it seems to be a good area to start looking. I am actually looking for a hunting partner to join up with. I'm in Tucson so definitely will be making it an overnighter.

From: osage
I usually hunt elk west of Hannigen Meadows. Very few deer there, lots of elk however. Saw 2 Couse deer in two years of hunting. Not much help except you most likely would like to avoid the area for deer.

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