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Elk Hunting partners needed
North Carolina
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cravingame 21-Aug-17
Jip40 06-Apr-18
Bownut 23-Jun-18
From: cravingame
Probably a shot in the dark here on this NC tread but why not! Looking for some hunting fanatics who want to join me in a seriously challenging hunt for Big Bull Elk on public land, with archery equipment. This hunt is not for the faint of heart or weak of mind and/or body. Honestly, I really just want someone to split the cost of fuel, and driving time to WY, ID, and CO for my yearly DIY archery elk hunting trips with my now 15yo son. I am experienced and have learned how to be successful in these states. We have averaged from 25% in OTC units to 85% success rate in the better units. I would be willing to give some pointers, but I am not looking to be your guide or call elk in for you, unless we are tagged out and tired of fishing for trout. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please let me know. Please comment with your hunting experience, your archery experience, your age and physical condition. These trips take $. Not lots of $, but they do cost from $1200-$1900 per person depending on the state we go to that year, and the price of fuel that year. Those costs are an average for everything including tags, fuel, etc. These trips require lots of gear but only necessary gear with be loaded and hauled across the country. Besides being picky about my hunting partners, I love to have fun. These trips are a way to get away from it all, and become one with mother nature in some of the most magical places on earth. These trips are unforgettable, and if you're like me, you will long for the days we go again. Happy hunting y'all! Good luck this season!

Please be realistic about this opportunity. We are chasing rutting elk up and down serious mountains, we do hunt areas where you may encounter dangerous game such as bear, wolves and moose. We have seen snow in August. We are driving non-stop 30-39 hrs each way. Fairies and Snowflakes need not apply. Old fat lazy hunters, young punks who know it all, and druggies please don't waste our time.

From: Jip40
I've made the drive solo to MT from Eastern NC multiple times. What time of year do you typically hunt?

From: Bownut
Would be interested in talking to you have bow hunted for elk in Idaho am interested in going

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