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Brucellosis Kit?
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Z Barebow 21-Aug-17
wytex 22-Aug-17
Z Barebow 22-Aug-17
From: Z Barebow
On Friday, I received a kit from WYO G&F for my upcoming elk hunt. (Pre-paid label/box w/instructions, vial and paper tower.) Is this a random thing? This will be my 3rd hunt in WYO but first time since 2011. Not that I am complaining, (IE If I send it in that means I killed a good bull!)

Just curious if this is related to my unit, or G&F sends them to random tag holders. THX in advance.

From: wytex
They are testing for brucellosis for an upcoming study. Usually based on the unit you drew, but could be random based on the study that is upcoming.No brucellosis to worry about for you though. They really appreciate the return , try to help out if possible, cows too.

From: Z Barebow
Thanks wytex! No I wasn't worried. Sending it in is a high class problem to have! More than happy to accommodate G&F.

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