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Mock Scrape question
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buxandbass 21-Aug-17
Boone 06-Sep-17
From: buxandbass
Wondering what your thoughts are on mock scrapes and how early you can start them? I'm in a county south of Belleville. Also, what do you use on them or have you used your own "special brand"? I've got my cameras out but haven't checked them yet. Looking forward to the season.....Thanks

I start some about the 3rd week of October, just use doe urine and then doe in heat. For what its worth...when we used to raise hogs, I would collect urine from the hogs and put in scrapes and mock scrapes....worked rather well. even if you scrape out a bare spot on the ground underneath an overhanging limb within a day or so you will have tracks and urine in it. Good luck

From: Boone
I start mine in May or June when I put out my first cameras. I always make mock scrapes with a rubbing tree and a overhanging limb. I tear the ground up and pee in it and I do this every time I check my cameras too. Has worked well for years.

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