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Tree Stand vs. Blinds
Rhode Island
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RIDeerhunter 21-Aug-17
Bostoned 22-Aug-17
Pi 26-Aug-17
STM 30-Aug-17
Red Godin 01-Sep-17
From: RIDeerhunter
So I love tree stands because of the great visuals I get and I've gotten a lot of deer out of them but I'm getting a little long in the tooth so I picked up a blind and I put it about 15 yards off a few deer trails on public land and brushed it in good. I'm looking for some feedback from everyone on advantages and disadvantages of each. Should be interesting.

From: Bostoned
on public land, I hope it is still there when you show up to hunt. Did you make any attempt to lock it down in any way? Unfortunately, the times we live in do not sow the most honest people anymore. On private land a ground blind would be just a great choice for some locations on my family's farm in PA. It is all about the location and your preference.

From: Pi
Hi RI . here from Ma . I think natural blinds built from local material are a better option but adding some burlap for more density is a good addition. Having a good camo suit (full face cover ) , is the way to blend in . The box in the woods is a dead giveaway to both man and deer , but working with natural setups like a fallen tree or young pine trees is a great place to nestle yourself in. Look from the deer's perspective and visualize it's blind spots like a big tree or natural structure and work from there.

Best of luck, Your neighbor to the north .

From: STM
I like using my climber and try to make sure I have some other trees very close to me to help me blend in. Best of luck this upcoming season and be safe all, Stephen

From: Red Godin
In my opinion the stand is better as deer don't usually look up unless they hear a noise. I have a Primos blind and have taken an 8 point buck on Block island but prefer a ladder stand. I have 3 climbers as well but you make a lot of noise climbing even if you think you're being really quiet. Just my 2 cents...

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