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When are licenses available?
Rhode Island
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Bostoned 24-Aug-17
Smitty 25-Aug-17
mrw 03-Nov-17
Smitty 06-Nov-17
mrw 06-Nov-17
Bostoned 08-Nov-17
From: Bostoned
Wanted to check to see if anyone knows if the licenses are available yet? If you got yours, where did you get it.

From: Smitty
Licenses are available anywhere. Deer Tags should be available in a week or two especially with an open date of 15 Sept.

From: mrw
Had a hard time finding smoke pole tags. Found some at Continental Gun in Cranston.

From: Smitty
Any place that sells tags should have ML. All they do is circle the weapon on the tag. Should not be a problem for you.

From: mrw
Dick's in N Smithfield said they didn't have any tags left, Resident or Non. They said none of the other stores did either. But this was Friday, maybe they've gotten some in by now.

From: Bostoned
Walmart in North Smithfield had licenses and tags.

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