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Joe Wiz 24-Aug-17
Dyjack 24-Aug-17
WFG in NM 24-Aug-17
BillL 27-Aug-17
From: Joe Wiz
Hey guys and gals, since I didnt draw a elk or deer bow tag this year i figured id try bear with a bow. My son has the Sandias deer hunt. So what i was wondering, has anyone seen any bears while out scouting? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. For you funny guys, not Albuquerque or Rio Rancho. LOL. Happy hunting all, one more week for you lucky people.

From: Dyjack
I imagine you'll have no problem finding bears in almost any NM mountains if you're actively looking.

From: WFG in NM
I've seen more bear than coyotes. Lots of food being eaten.

From: BillL
Several bears have been camped out at Doc Long picnic area the past month. They almost cancelled my youth group's summer rendezvous.

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