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Here to help... Rifle area....
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coelker 24-Aug-17
Ucsdryder 24-Aug-17
Brun 24-Aug-17
goelk 26-Aug-17
KHunter 26-Aug-17
Treeline 26-Aug-17
Pop-r 26-Aug-17
coelker 27-Aug-17
fisherick 11-Sep-17
SoDakSooner 13-Sep-17
jordanathome 14-Sep-17
From: coelker
Every fall I offer up my help to anyone here in the NW section of the state near CO. If you need help with vehicles, water, a place to crash at 1:00 in the morning, or ???? Give me call. My cell phone is 970-629-8922. If I am not around or can not help I will do what I can to get some help. Good luck to all the CO Hunters I will likely be in WY during the weekends, but in Rifle during the week.

Oh definitely call me f you are stuck or off in a ditch etc. I have a jeep and blazer that is fun for messy situations...

From: Ucsdryder
Remember this offer last year. Good man and good karma. Will be out your direction. Hope I don't need any help. Unless your offer extends to heavy elk packs 4 miles back in 80 degree weather! Haha

From: Brun
What a generous offer. Thank you.

From: goelk
Thanks and good luck to you

From: KHunter
Very cool Rob.

From: Treeline
Awesome offer. Will be up in 2 next week and possibly the last week (if I don't get a bull the first trip up). A bit far for you and I have some other guys that are closer, but you never know...

From: Pop-r
Man that's awesome to put that out. Stand up dude no doubt!

From: coelker
Treeline, I am actually going through part of 2 to get to my WY deer tag... if you need help in 2 let me know. I am not that far!

From: fisherick
Very generous offer. I will be bowhunting GMU 33 last week of season.

From: SoDakSooner
Great offer. We are down south but appreciate guys like you for sure....

From: jordanathome
Nice! If I was still in 34/25 I'd definitely keep that in mind.

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