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looking for outfitter
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hobo 26-Aug-17
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hobo 30-Aug-17
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From: hobo
Hello all. i am from NJ looking to hunt your fine state of Iowa, probably 2018 season.I have 4 points now. i would appreciate any info/recomendations for decent outfitters. i have no preference on what part of state. looking for at least 7 day hunt.doesent have to be anything fancy just in good area w/decent deer population. I would prefer diy hunt but the logistics just dont work for me,scouting/ equipment etc. any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you & good luck this season

It's a great state to hunt. Most NR hunt the south central region which I think is 5 but don't overlook zone 9. The 4 counties up in the northeast corner of the state produce some huge whitetail and have pretty good numbers. The new Iowa bow record was taken last year in Fayette county at 282 2/8 I believe, google Kornhill buck. I'm not sure on outfitters in the area but I know there is one in Decorah (Winneshiek County). Booners Outfitting I believe. I've never heard anything good, bad, or otherwise but can't hurt to call and get a feel for the guy. Obviously I'm biased since zone 9 is where I live and hunt but the numbers of deer killed speaks for itself up here. Good luck!

From: hobo
thanks for response NEIA ,i made contact w/dave at booners & he responded very quickley which is good sign. he has hunt just what im looking for.if all details work out,i will be booking w/him for next nov.thanks again for your info & good luck to you.

From: 4nolz@work
pricey but google southwest iowa outfitters the drurys hunt close by

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