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Moose Permit in HD 331 -Upper Ruby River
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From: JMG
Hello. I thought I would reach out to anyone who archery hunts moose hunting district 331 (Elk Hunting District 324). This are is the upper Ruby River area. Basically, the western side of the Gravallies, the northern portion of the Snowcrests, and the Ruby mountains. If you archery hunt this area or know of someone who does or has this season, I would be very thankful for any information regarding moose in this area. My youngest son (17 years old and a senior in high school) was fortunate enough to draw a moose permit for the area described above. With his busy school schedule it is going to be a challenge to put forth some extended quality time, so I am reaching out to fellow bowhunters. We are scheduled/planning on getting down there the weekend of September 22nd to start our adventure. Thanks in advance. You can either respond here or send me a private message.

From: Cheetah8799
Sent you a PM

From: JMG
Thank you.

From: Franzen
Not real recent intel, but I elk hunted the area two years ago. We came across a nice moose in the Greenhorn Range. Would be happy to tell you exactly where thru PM if you are interested.

From: JMG
Yes, thank you. See PM.

I shot a bull moose there at the top of Cottonwood below Black Butte in 95. If I did it again I would hunt during the gun season when hunters push the bigger bulls out of the forest and out on the Gravely Range Road. The bulls become unconcerned with hunters and stand along side the roads. That would be one of my do overs

From: JMG
Interesting . . . . Thanks. I have not traveled too much on the Gravalley Range road after opening rifle.

From: Carnage2011
The tag was a hell of a lot different back then. If you take that advice be prepared to eat your tag.

During the rifle season every elkhunter up there will tell you if they have seen moose and where they were at if you stop and ask. I have been asking ewe hunters in the Breaks about rams and they all share that info with me and it helps a lot. I am sure things have changed a lot since 95 but have other hunters up there help you locate

I have heard there are up to eighteen grizzlies in the south end of the Gravlies

From: JMG
Thanks for all your input, everyone. I appreciate it.

18 grizzlies . . . . That would not surprise me. Man, that's a lot of bears in one area. I use to hunt that exact area that guy got mauled (this years) and moved on for a number of reasons, but grizzlies was one of them.

From: JMG
FYI - My son filled his moose permit. You can check it out at under Hunttalk forums, Big 3 - Moose, Goat, Sheep, HD 33--50 Either sex moose permit.

From: JMG
FYI - My son filled his moose permit. You can check it out at under Hunttalk forums, Big 3 - Moose, Goat, Sheep, HD 33--50 Either sex moose permit.

From: Cheetah8799
JMG, I just read your post on that other site, very glad to see it all came together for you and your son!

From: houndy65
congrats, tell your son awesome job, loved his smile.

From: SoaringEagle
I know the upper Ruby extremely well. I've killed at least 10 elk there, most within 600 linear yards of one spot. I've never drawn the moose tag, but my grandpa has twice, along with other family members over the years. From the kill shot I know exactly where the moose was killed. I've seen moose there before. I haven't had time to read the entire story yet but will soon.

From: JMG
Thanks, guys. I very thankful to the landowner who granted us access to hunt moose. These days .... it's hard to come by as a few can ruin it for the majority.

We have been enjoying moose now for a few weeks .... it's pretty darn tasty. I have been putting in for moose in this district for a long time and I put my son in and he drew on his fourth "try". This was a big deal for me and my son, as I suspect I will likely never draw. But, I am looking forward to next season when I do draw (smile).

From: Bigskyhunter
A replay of a earlier poster. My son drew a. Moose tag bull 331 , and with him being 15 and playing football our time will be limited. We hunted last weeekend after FB and saw nothing . Talked to a lot of elk hunters but they say zero bulls. Any experience or advice is appreciated as our total hunt days will be about 10

From: JMG
Send a Private Message.

From: LTG 11

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Here's the link to the story...

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