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Unit 25 Near W Mountain
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SDHunter7 29-Aug-17
colohunter87 31-Aug-17
SDHunter7 03-Sep-17
From: SDHunter7
Hey all, last season hunting Grand Mesa NF and to say the least it was a great camping trip. Could only call it hiking, with nothing to hunt during 2nd weekend of archery. Talking to some friends who hunt unit 25 3rd rifle season, we decided to move camp this year near W mountain and sweet water. Looking at any advice for this area sept 9-16th?

From: colohunter87
SDHunter7 - i hunted mule deer archery in unit 25 last year. Not sure what you are hunting - elk or deer? Since you are mentioning just unit 25, assuming it's an elk hunt. A few comments - there are a number of outfitters that have camps throughout the flattops (where unit 25 is located) - suggest checking with the National Forest Service as they will let you know where the outfitters camps are located. It's a beautiful area - incredible views. Mosquitoes should be gone by then. Check the dates for the early rifle deer season and the ML dates. Good luck.

From: SDHunter7
Thank you, I am hunting elk sept 9-16. Mostly by foot but do have some horses that friends are bringing. We plan to be around W mountain and turret peak area.

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