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WoundChannel 03-Sep-17
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Franzen 05-Sep-17
A while back there was a thread on bowsite, about treating clothes with permethrin, to prevent ticks.....anyone remember where it was? Or what ratio to dilute it down to soak my clothes in? Thanks

From: WoundChannel

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It is on the Wisconsin thread, i copied the link if this is the topic you were thinking of.

From: Franzen

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There seems to be a lot of conflicting information on mixing the concentrated solution. Often times people just don't understand what they are saying; e.g. 0.005 means 0.5%, not 5%. WoundChannel's link had some good information from orionsbrother. The link I attached also has some information. Half percent (0.5%) seems to be a pretty common solution that is effective, but not too potent. I believe orionsbrother was using something like 0.175%. A little heavier dose would likely give you a little longer protection, but remember it's still a chemical that you will be coming into contact with. What happened to your leasing thread?

Btw, about 5 fluid oz. of 13.3% permethrin mixed with a gallon of water would result in a 0.5% solution.

From: Boris
go to the turkey forum. I try to remind the people to check for ticks while turkey hunting. I know too many people that have been hit with Lymes.

Thanks guys, never got any advise about the leasing thread.

From: Franzen
When I checked on it, the topic was locked. Not sure if you knew that.

Why would it be locked? I wasn't advertising a lease....was thinking about leasing and wanted to know how to do it, from others who have done it.

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