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Broadhead sharpener Denver?
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Ucsdryder 07-Sep-17
Treeline 07-Sep-17
bugslinger 07-Sep-17
Rock 07-Sep-17
MathewsMan 08-Sep-17
From: Ucsdryder
I bought some German kinetics this summer and this elk season has been rough on them. I snapped one off and lost it and another one zipped through an elk like a knife through butter but of course hit a rock and one blade got chewed up. I was able to get the blade smoothed out but I can't get them close to the sharpeness they were new. My lansky angle isn't exact.

Is there a place in Denver that will sharpen heads?

From: Treeline
Talk to the guys at Rocky Mountain Specialty Gear.

From: bugslinger
x2 on RMSGear they turn em into razors.

From: Rock
I build sharpeners that should be able to sharpen it and also have some New X-Block sharpeners that should work.

From: MathewsMan
I take my knives and blades to Tom at RMS. All my traditional broadheads he sharpened too. Most of my caping and such I use the Outdoor Edge types with replaceable razor blades.

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