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I'm back, almost...
New York
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Droptine10 07-Sep-17
ArrowOne 07-Sep-17
Droptine10 08-Sep-17
Mad dog 16-Sep-17
From: Droptine10
Hello to all ,, Getting back into the game this year after a long lay off. Got out of hunting and archery about 13 years ago.Now at 52 I'm looking to climb up into a tree again, CRAZY !! Almost ready for this season, wish I had an extra month though. Anyhow, I'm going to probably be asking you guys a LOT of questions over the next few weeks ;-)

From: ArrowOne
Welcome back. I'm also 52 and love bowhunting as much as when I first started. Maybe more. You will be glad you are back in the game!! Good luck.

From: Droptine10
Thanks !!

From: Mad dog
Welcome back bro! I had a similar story and back at it for last 4 yrs. This is a Great resource with smart guys. Mad Dog

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