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Permethrin ?
New York
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Droptine10 09-Sep-17
jman22 09-Sep-17
GetEmDrake 09-Sep-17
Bowguy 09-Sep-17
Droptine10 10-Sep-17
Mint 13-Sep-17
Droptine10 13-Sep-17
hammer 14-Sep-17
From: Droptine10
I was in a local archery shop the other day and saw this particular insect repellent on the shelf. The owner and a few customers swore by it.They said it dries completely odorless. I picked up a can.My biggest fear getting back into bow hunting is catching something from a stinking tick bite !.

From: jman22
It's very effective for tick control. Be sure to follow the directions carefully. If you are at risk of tick exposure I'd definitely recommend treating your clothing with permethrin.

From: GetEmDrake
Just don't let your cats get into it!

From: Bowguy
I had Lyme and babesi. Lyme antibiotics stink, they beat me up so anything you can do is great. Permethrin though even used as recommended didn't work 100% for me. I tried it and have friends that swear by it too but it's not fail proof. Better than options, maybe/probably

From: Droptine10
OK, thanks guys.

From: Mint
I hunt Long island and permethrin is a must. Been using it on my clothes for 20 years. It works much better dry than it does when you first spray it on. Spray your clothes good the night before and you are good to go. I use rubber boots and tuck my pants into the boot so the ticks can't get under the pants and onto me. My pants were covered with chiggers( baby lone star ticks) on Saturday but not one bite, they all died within a minute. Same thing with adult ticks, you can watch them crawl on you for about an inch and then they will fall off dead.

From: Droptine10
Damn, that's awesome !.

From: hammer
Sawyer permethrin sprayed on everything that may have contact with a shrub or blade of grass ,including your backpack ! Was out scouting on Long Island the other day and one quick rub against a tall blade of grass and there they were..Chiggers..they all died and not a single bite ! The stuff lasts thru several washing's too... A must have..Good luck this season ..Mike

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