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LI - buck / either sex / DMP
New York
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LaughingWater 09-Sep-17
Somersbow 11-Sep-17
T ZEKE 11-Sep-17
Mint 11-Sep-17
XbowfromNY 12-Sep-17
Just got my license today, and I got a buck tag, and 2 DMPs for 1C. In years past, there was always an either sex tag as well. Did they eliminate the either sex tag this year? Or am I missing something?

From: Somersbow
News to me if so. I get the DEC press releases and don't recall hearing anything about it. I got my DMPs for 3S and 3N and had the regular tag and the either sex (bow/mzl) as usual.

Since this is Bowsite, I am assuming you bought the additional bow tag to get the either sex privilege?

From: T ZEKE
did u get muzzle loader license ? if not you will only get either sex bow tag ...Tom

From: Mint
Did you get your bow license?

From: XbowfromNY
I got 1 Reg Season (Buck), 1 Bow/MZ either sex (Buck), 1 Bow/MZ antlerless, 1 DMP 3S, 1 DMP 3N.

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