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Fort Sill
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Kritical 10-Sep-17
From: Kritical
Howdy, I'm on a temporary move to OK and I'm looking into hunting on Fort Sill where I'm stationed for the next of months. I've read through the previous threads on Fort Sill and have been working off that info, but they're all rather dated. I've gone to the training class and believe I'm all squared away to get out there. I brought my bow, ML, shotgun, and rifle along a climber and an ultra lite Loggy Bayou lock on. I was planning on doing some waterfowl hunting while down here but accidentally left my decoys and whatnot when I packed, so if you're local and ever need another shooter drop me a pm and maybe we can link up.

Right now, I'm looking at hunting way out on the western sections of post, but I'm intrigued by some of the bow only spots around main post. I've seen a few decent bucks in the parks in the evening while driving around post. I'm going to be holding out for a big one.

So, if you have any info or would like to steer me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it! I know a couple nice ones come off FS every year.

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