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From: KsRancher
After 4 years of tag soup trying the Colorado DIY OTC elk hunting my dad and I are ready to get an elk. We have been archery hunting wilderness areas on Colorado and have seen some elk but never been able to close the deal. This year was really hard on my dad as far the physical part this year. He is in decent shape for his age. But the 8-10 miles a day at 10500-12500ft was to much for him. We were looking at the management bull hunt the UU Bar offers. Wondering if anyone has any experience with them and if so, how the hunt went? This hunt is at the VERY upper end as far as $ goes for us. So just wanted some input from some people that have done the hunt or knows about it.

From: arctichill

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I've never done that hunt, but I've spent some time on the ranch. The UUBar has some of the best people around who will work like heck to make sure you and your Dad have one heck of a time! The last time I hunted the UUBar, I did it with David Allen of the RMEF. We were turkey hunting and we had a spectacular time doing it. David shared some stories with me of the management hunt you speak of. I don't know the cost, but I have an idea of the quality.

From: Unit 9er
We hunt the state land surrounding the UU bar. The unit is very rough terrain, but I am sure this ranch can accommodate any hunter. I know some of the guides and they are great. There are monster bulls on the UU, not sure what their management bulls are, but you should have a great time! Undoubtedly, they will put you on bulls. You can also flyfish for trout during the down hours or hunt turkey!

From: KsRancher
Thanks guys. Their management bull hunt is for a badly deformed antler on one or both sides.

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