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Most hunted area in Willow Slough?
Contributors to this thread:
hunterkiller 11-Sep-17
The hammer 11-Sep-17
JTV 19-Sep-17
Nimrod90 23-Sep-17
Who hunts willow slough and whats the most hunted area?

From: The hammer
I hunted their about 20 years ago. If I were you I would hunt the southern part. Always seen a lot of deer down their.

From: JTV
try to stay away from the areas with all the bunny hunters and bird hunters (esp. the put and take hunts) .... the TNC property is good, but some of it got gobbled up when they put the Bison more hunting in there, not sure how many acres are left to hunt... they used to do drawings for it ..

From: Nimrod90
HunterKiller, I live less than ten minutes from the Slough, it all has a fair amount of pressure but you can still find some decent spots with a little walking . Guys were waiting in parking lots last weekend to be the first ones to put up stands in their favorite spots. All TNC areas are open to hunting except the bison area, kicker is taking your stand in and out with you daily. Good luck

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