Anyone in or near Ruskin FL?
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jordanathome 11-Sep-17
jordanathome 13-Sep-17
From: jordanathome
My mom has a place in Hide A Way RV Resort in Ruskin, FL, Lot 283. Hoping some brother or sister from Bowsite is close and can do me a HUGE favor by swinging by and letting me know if her place took damage, is gone, etc.

If anyone can help me out with this favor....I am forever in your debt. She is safe in MN but we are all in a mess worried about whether she has a place to migrate south to for the winter or what needs to be done to make it wind and weather proof before she gets there in October.

Thanks in advance!!!!

Jordan (573) 823-7118 call or text

From: jordanathome
Thx Chris in Palmetto!!!!!

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