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deer creek
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okiehorn 12-Sep-17
BigOk 12-Sep-17
SoDakSooner 14-Sep-17
swampokie 19-Sep-17
EmbryOklahoma 19-Sep-17
okiehorn 19-Sep-17
From: okiehorn
Anyone have any advice for deer creek atMCAAP

From: BigOk
It has been 7-8 years since I hunted deer creek. We hunted the West of Stanton rd. Saw a lot deer on the one day it was not 90 degrees.

From: SoDakSooner
We hunted the foodplot in the far NW corner several years ago. We all tagged out. No big bucks seen but lots of does and I shot a small 8 pt. Fun hunt and lots of action all the time.

From: swampokie
If u Drew in October expect to c does and spikes. The two November weekends are otherworldly but October is generally tuff. The Halloween weekend can be ok if the lord smiles on u with record cool temps. Take it from someone who worked there a couple seasons. There are really no magic spots. One spot is as good as another. Good luck!

swampokie hit it on the head... I hunt not far from there and the early hunts are TOUGH. If you're hunting prior to Halloween, pray for cooler weather or front.

From: okiehorn
I drew in for Nov. 3-5. I've hunted boggy and hominy. I mainly try to get away from others. Thanks for the advice.

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