Leftover Watch - Colorado Draw
cooler temps/snow showers = elk frenzy
Contributors to this thread:
Big-Al 13-Sep-17
Glunt@work 13-Sep-17
andyschaef 13-Sep-17
Destroyer350 13-Sep-17
oldgoat 13-Sep-17
SoDakSooner 13-Sep-17
jordanathome 14-Sep-17
GF 21-Sep-17
From: Big-Al
Looking forward to chasing elk this weekend and not sweating my yarbles off! We'll be putting some elk down in the Walden area. Good luck to all!

From: Glunt@work
I'm optimistic. The elk have been quiet and trying to sneak around the woods has been dry and noisy. I'm ready for the tables to turn :^)

From: andyschaef
Agreed! It's been way too hot the last few weeks.

From: Destroyer350
I cant wait! Headed back out in NC Colorado from Sun-Sat with the wife. We are staying in a cabin for 3 nights and camping the rest. Looks like its going to rain/snow next Thursday while we are camping. I hope I'm still married when I come back!

From: oldgoat
I have the rest of the season off at 6pm tonight, heading up early Friday with the wife

From: SoDakSooner
Leaving tomorrow afternoon. Starting to look better where we will be.

From: jordanathome
Yup.....cooler and wetter = more gooder.

From: GF
My brother oughtta be up there - hoping he'll have my God-son with him. He's a school teacher, so never gets to hunt but a couple of weekends a year; he's taken several cows with the ML, but neither one of us has ever quite closed the deal on a bull, let alone with a bow...

Good luck, all you guys....

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