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Archery Elk Hunting Unit 324
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grizzlywear 13-Sep-17
sliverstick406 06-Oct-17
From: grizzlywear
I'm 65 and looking for a fit archery hunter who would like to hunt for a week in this unit. I am from Oregon and have hunted it before but am not stuck on this area. Do you want to team up? Don't hunt alone when I could join you. Have 22 ft camp trailer for base camp. Call Paul at 541 408 7738

hey sir, I am way far behind your post. I am from the Dillon area and I hunt certain parts of 324/325 all the time by myself. I would have most likely joined you. if you ever come back to the area let me know. If you were towards my area I most likely seen you camping. hope you had good luck it was a rough go this year.

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