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Using a quad
New York
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From: tompolaris
What do those out there that use a quad to get to your destination do to deal with the smell of your quad while you're bow hunting?

From: Petcontain
Leave it on the trailer until needed for recovery.

I generally only use mine for schlepping stands in, trail maintenance and recovery. I have used it for some late season cold weather hunts and stayed well away from where I was planning to hunt, maybe a ten min walk from where I parked and played the wind so scent from the quad was not an issue.

From: jman22
Quad or no quad, if you aren't playing close attention to the wind you will get busted either way. Quad will obviously alert the deer more, but if you need to use it, just use the wind to your advantage.

From: tompolaris
Just had a total knee replacement and my area is 1 mile hike 90% uphill so I don't have much choice but to use it. I'll keep it downwind a walk away. Thanks

Park your quad where you don't want the deer to go.

From: bas4109
Like BSH said, you could use it to your advantage.

I have 1 stand that I use a quad for because it helps me get to the stand the long way around. It saves me about a 3/4 mile walk and I am not drenched in sweat when I get there. I park it about 400 yards away and I have not noticed any negative impact from it.

From: Pat Lefemine
Agree with both points above. I have a spot where the deer cross over to the neighbors in the evening. It's 800 yards from my best evening stand and as long as the wind is not blowing from the east, my quad is parked there. Win win.

I honestly don't think it bothers them that much. We drive quads all year and the deer get used to them. I did put a muffler silencer on my 420 Rancher and that cuts the noise down by 1/3. When I can walk, that's always my first choice. But like others, I have a 3/4 mile walk and IMO bumping deer is worse on foot than on a quad.

Hopefully someday they will make a reliable electric quad.

How 'bout one that is cost effective? Part of bow hunting for me is to keep in shape walking...and sometimes using the 'wheeler is an excuse for laziness.

From: tompolaris
Thanks guys like always common sense and play the wind.

From: jman22
Goodluck Tom. Glad to hear you are getting out after a total knee replacement! Hope your recovery is going well!

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