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Nearly attacked by a lion
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notso lethal 17-Sep-17
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notso lethal 17-Sep-17
Surfbow 17-Sep-17
Ski & Skin 17-Sep-17
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Aspen Ghost 25-Sep-17
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From: notso lethal
So I joined bowsite yesterday And wasn't sure what my first post would be. After this afternoon I knew...

I'm currently bow hunting near steamboat. I decided to check out an aspen glenn this afternoon for a possible morning hunt. I stopped to look around at the terrain and once finished I turned forward and BOOM there is lion 5 feet away ready to attack! I yelled "OH FU(k" it startled the lion and ran away. I had no time to grab my pistol, bear spray or knock an arrow. I was pretty close to the end there I think.

From: PECO
Too close! Good to hear you halted the attack.

From: notso lethal
Yea I don't know if I stopped it. I think the lion just changed its mind.

From: Surfbow
That will wake you up!

From: Ski & Skin
Hopefully you have extra shorts!!!

In high school, 5 of us were hiking back to luna lake where we were camping for the night just after dusk. Joking around with the 3 girls my buddy and I told them that the last one always gets eaten! Lol, saw some eyes 20 yds away in the woods, one girl was, "is that a deer?" Well we flashed our lights and she screamed so loud it scared the cat away. I still remember the hair on the back of my neck standing up! First cat i ever saw.

Always see some cool stuff out in the woods!

From: Ucsdryder
5 feet? That's about as close to death as you can get.

From: COGunmoney
its when you dont see them that youre in real trouble. its more likely the cat was just checking you out after you wandered into its neighborhood.

From: Aspen Ghost
Apparently the lion doesn't like potty mouths. LOL He was just checking you out and when he figured out you were human he figured he better scram.

From: ColoBull
Cats usually attack from behind. You'd never know what hit you if it decided to attack. They go for the head, ripping out the throat when possible. Good to hear it had other plans...

From: johnw
Wow...been hunting near steamboat for a few years and have not seen any lions. some sign here and there but have heard similar stories.

From: 69CaveMan
This cat encounter is crazy

I didn't see a cat myself but a Few weeks ago, I was solo archery hunting near homestake reservoir here in Colorado.

I was walking through some shoulder high scrub brush along the edge of a small marsh shelf

I broke out into a small opening

Looked up to see a bull moose starring at me

We were maybe 10 feet apart

I had a disturbing bear encounter the day prior (black bear wouldn't get out of the road while I was driving my F350) so I was carrying a 12 gauge with me for peace of mind

Been treed by two moose in my life so bit moose skiddish but smoothly flipped shotgun off safe and said a few loud words

After a few seconds moose high tailed it away

From: Jaquomo
I had a showdown with a cat at 10 feet near Steamboat. He wouldn't leave and I only had a longbow, no bear spray. I had to turn my back on him to climb over deadfall to get out of there and he let me leave.

I have a feeling they sneak up behind bowhunters all the time until they figure out what we are. That country (all of NoCo) is saturated with them. It's only by their choice that they don't eat someone every day...

From: ColoBull
I have hairs on the back of my neck that stand up and quiver in the presence of big cats ( I presume). I've only actually seen one, in 40+ years, on the run, down by Spanish Peaks. We see cat scat every year. I take it as a good sign that we are in elk country. We carry "Counter Assault", for both cats & bears, but have never had to use it.

cats make me nervous... bears not so much.

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