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Lose your hunting lic for good, baiting.
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bowslinger 2 17-Sep-17
Brown E 25-Dec-17
bowslinger 2 07-Oct-19
Altek 10-Nov-19
Theodore 28-Jan-21
From: bowslinger 2
Get caught baiting deer twice here in Maine and you lose your hunting lic for good. To bad they wouldn't do that to all the DUI people.

From: Brown E
I do not personally care for baiting but it sure is funny how it is viewed from state to state. WI is a state that baiting has divided hunters. TX is where it is acceptable. Etc.

From: bowslinger 2
Hunt a deer under an apple tree it's O.K. But put apples 50 yards from the tree, your in trouble. We have a lot of apple trees here in Maine. Hunt over a cornfield O.K, but one little kernel else where, trouble again. Don't make sense. If I want a deer I have to put in LOTS of time (Bowhunting) 44 days 2018, 60 days in 2017. I am now 71 years old. Plan on doing this till I drop dead on a blood trail. I still can get my ass 24 feet in a hang on stand.

From: Altek
It's interesting that Maine game laws prohibit baiting but box stores often sell sacks of 'deer bait' (corn, etc.) during the season, lol. Apparently selling it is ok even if using it isn't. BTW, any eatable food substance is considered bait. A food scent, however, is not.

And don't forget to label any treestand you use with your name and address tag visible from below, unless hunting your own property. Otherwise it's an illegal stand. And remember that public land requires MDIFW written permission before treestands can be used. Best to read the regs.

From: Theodore
Most of the year you can feed them. Just a short period you can not.

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