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Game processor in North Denver Area?
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mikea20 18-Sep-17
Keith in colorado 18-Sep-17
andyschaef 18-Sep-17
tinman 18-Sep-17
Ermine 18-Sep-17
From: mikea20
Hey everyone, I live in Thornton and am looking for a game processor that's a little less commercialized than Steve's Meats in Arvada. Nothing against them I just work off shifts and have trouble with their mandatory pickup days. I need a little more of a window on being able to get my meat. Anyone know of any mom'n pop type places that are good with a little more flexibility? Thanks

Rocky Mountain meats

From: andyschaef
I took an elk to Meat Clever last year and was very happy. I'm not sure about their hours or drop off times though, however all ground meat is from your animal, it's not mixed with others, which I really like.

If I'm lucky enough to get an elk this year I'll take it there again.

From: tinman
Carmine Lonardo's in Lakewood. Italian deli.

From: Ermine
Meat cleaver

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