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Are we there yet ?
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buc i 313 18-Sep-17
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Lone Wolf 20-Sep-17
From: buc i 313
Are we there yet ?

For those of us who are parent's of small children past or present, who hasn't heard that question during a car ride at one time or another ? Brings back fond memories and smiles of times past.

Well now that the archery season is fast approaching the question begs, are stands hung, practicing, gear in order, thinking of the opportunity that may present itself ?

If any of this applies to you welcome to another exciting season of the Ohio Archery Whitetail season.

For those of you who this does not apply........ take up the bow...... you will enjoy a life full of fond memories.

To all fellow hunter's ,

Good luck, be safe , shoot straight , be a sportsman , be ethical ..............Are we there yet ?


Well said, couldn't agree more!! Stands are hung, cameras getting some pics, bow tuned in now just waiting for the "we're here" to get out and up a tree. Lol

Just can't get excited till around Halloween.too hot and buggy.80,s this week.Skeeter's eating ya alive .this is Ohio.

From: Lone Wolf
Opening day can't get here quick enough!!!!!!!

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