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Droptine10 20-Sep-17
Shawn 21-Sep-17
Droptine10 21-Sep-17
Arrowone 22-Sep-17
Droptine10 25-Sep-17
Arrownocker82 01-Oct-17
From: Droptine10
I'm search for sky hook lags , I will pay a pretty pennie for them ;)

From: Shawn
Droptine10, contact Mario at Bison Gear. He may still have some. I have about 100 left plus another 60-80 out in trees. I bought quite a few from him over the years! Shawn

From: Droptine10
OK thanks !!

From: Arrowone
Droptine check out I bought 100 bolts last year and they work well with my tree steps. They come in packages of 10.

From: Droptine10
I will check them out also. The sky hooks use a 12mm metric lag.I have used slightly smaller stainless steel lags that work OK but they are not as thick. It's a little unnerving useing your steps wondering if the bolt might snap.

01-Oct-17 might be of help to you...

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