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cow elk help
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Ollie 22-Sep-17
BULELK1 11-Oct-17
From: Ollie
I'm interested in trying a DIY cow elk hunt in Utah. I have experience hunting elk elsewhere so I have a decent idea of "how" but no knowledge of "where". Looking for a unit with a good elk population with plenty of public land and not too hard on a guy that turned 61. I use my legs and not an ATV for transportation. Doing some online surfing it looks like Monroe, Manti, and the Wasatch units are pretty good for over the counter cow elk but I have no idea what hunting pressure, ATV traffic, etc. will be like. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

The cow tags are all draw in June application period.

those OTC tags are unit Specific with Boo-Coo private AND ya have to also have a bull tag to hunt that particular unit/units.

Good luck, Robb

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