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Bows the way 22-Sep-17
happygolucky 24-Sep-17
Bows the way 25-Sep-17
From: Bows the way

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Bows the way's embedded Photo
Was seeing nice deer numbers couple good bucks then surprise

From: happygolucky

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happygolucky's embedded Photo
I can't imagine that feeder will last too long.

I was bear free until I just checked my cameras. This one is not as big as the one I had last year that ruined multiple cameras and ground blinds. First time seen and only on one camera thus far. No damage caused yet.

My food plots are loaded with does and fawns with a fair amount of young bucks, but no good bucks. I usually don't see decent ones until the rut. My land just does not hold bucks like it does fawns and does.

From: Bows the way
Seeing young bucks spikes and forks small 6 pionts.

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