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Conner1 22-Sep-17
Shiras 27-Sep-17
Conner1 04-Oct-17
Tstrand13 25-Oct-17
From: Conner1
I have been invited to hunt Nebraska next year in the Sandhills area on private ground can any one give me a idea on what deer should I expect to see thanks

From: Shiras
The sandhills is a huge area and could vary a lot. Mule deer, whitetails, antelope, elk, turkeys...all depends on where exactly, but you will have fun. Good luck! :)

From: Conner1
Seneca Nebraska I believe that's where we might be heading

From: Tstrand13
I am also a first timer and wondering if there are two separate tags for muleys and whitetail or if it's combined in one

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