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Using a release
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BOX CALL 24-Sep-17
cord 62 24-Sep-17
buc i 313 25-Sep-17
Ned 29-Sep-17
I got an onieda aeroforce coming.been shooting a finger tab since 1973.thinking about using a release on it.grandson uses a truball on his bow.are they hard to use.

From: cord 62
started with fingers 20 years ago, then to release. Give it a few days, easy transition..

From: buc i 313

Been in your shoes, :^}

Try several type release's (pro shop) don't get hung up on one brand. There are several good ones on the market. Find the one you are comfortable with.

Good luck with your change.

From: Ned
The finger pinch on modern bows is pretty tight, unless you're using a bow with longer limbs. You may want to start with a back tension release to promote a surprise release. A release is by far more accurate, but if I could continue shooting with fingers and still maintain my accuracy I would do it, it's just one fewer piece of equipment to not have to worry about.

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