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From: buc i 313
Can you recall the "WOW FACTOR" when you shot your first compound bow ?

After shooting a "stick bow" for a few years a friend asked me to try his compound bow. Since we had close draw length's I took his bow for a couple of shots. The re-curve bow I was shooting 53# for my draw of 28.75''. His bow was set for 55 Lb at 29" draw. To see the difference in arrow trajectory was impressive and left me with a "WOW" impression.

I quickly surmised I could shoot 60 lb and only hold 48 lb ! Approximately 7 more weight pounds with a hold of 5 lb less than I was holding. "WOW"

I was easily convinced a compound was a better method for me. More bow weight, less poundage to hold. ( I still shot my re-curve for a back up bow and for shooting carp )

Fast Forward,

When I look at today's compounds in comparison to the early compounds, I can only say "WOW"

Today, compounds shoot so much faster with far less holding weight it is hard to believe how much they have progressed since the infancy of this bow.

With all of this said, the romantic nostalgia of the "Stick Bow" still holds it's own in simplicity, beauty and durability. It will forever hold a certain "WOW" of it's own. ,

In conclusion of this rambling post,

"To each his own, of equipment, methods, and opinions"

Be safe, shoot straight and,

Good Luck :^}

From: cord 62
WOW Factor for me didn't happen after shooting my first compound, it was my second. I bought a PSE CAROLL INTRUDER II compound bow in the early nineties, it was a great bow and still is,, I thought there was nothing better, whats the difference right?? A string, cables and a couple wheels. Then I picked up a Hoyt Charger in 2015, not top of line bow I realize but WOW! what a difference.. So light to carry, fast and easy to shoot . WOW!

Grandson has a diamond series compound,fast,compared to my old school laminated limb compounds.I'm waiting to see how the onieda shoots I got coming.

From: SteveD
I had the WOW factor recently shooting one of the "super recurves". A Zipper with Z4 limbs!

From: Kevin Dill
Great thread and obviously highlights the advantages of compound speed. Considering my last shot with a compound bow was somewhere circa 1985, the 'wow' factor was relevant only to accuracy. That shooting was done with fingers, 5 pins, flipper rests, plungers, round wheels, 44"+ bows, big aluminums and feathers. Those bows had actual bowstrings connected to cable teardrops.


My next 'wow' came when I figured out how to bust nocks with my td recurve without sights or accessories. Watching a cedar arrow hit right where you envision....that's a wonderful wow.

My last wow came when I saw how rapidly arrows are being propelled by today's compounds, crossbows, slingbows and air"bows". People definitely value speed and performance. My bow is more Jeep than Jaguar....I have an aversion to chronographs and digital data, lol.

From: Ned
It's all fun and games until you start getting target panick, I envy those who shoot instinctively, I suggest you "stick" with the stickbow, you'll be much happier ??

From: kellyharris
my first wow began with a neighbor girl named Wendy I went there as a boy left as a man!

LOL I still say one of my favorite bows to ever shoot was a cougar magnum I shot very well with that bow!

I went to a HOYT Pro vantage rocket with fast flight strings. NO WOW factor between the two.

I had that Hoyt for what seemed a long time? Then I shot a Mathews MQ1 and what a WOW factor that was!

then I went to a Mathews legacy and had a SIGH factor nothing like the MQ1 but I killed a ton of animals with the legacy!

Then I bought a Mathews Creed and I once again had a WOW factor!

From: rooster
My Wow experience came after years away from bow hunting, I had two Labs and was all about bird hunting for 15 or so years. The last deer I killed before that was with a Jennings Aerostar and my current bow at the time was a Bear Alaskan that I hunted very sparingly with. When the dogs got old, I went with a neighbor to check out these Mathews bows. He wanted to buy one I was still resisting. Well after shooting that Q2XL guess who ended up making the purchase. I killed quite a few deer with that bow.

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