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From: 454bull
Here we go again. A group called Arizonans for Wildlife has filed to start collecting signatures for a 2018 ballot initiative to ban mountain lion and bobcat hunting in Arizona.

From: Coyote 65
They will probably get enough signatures to get it on the ballot. Hopefully AZ hasn't become californikated enough for it to pass.


From: bowbender77
Pure CALIFORNICATION at its worst.

From: AZ~Rich
This is going to be ugly! Hopefully our G&F will put out some well documented data to prove their narrative is totally false.

From: bowbender77
Don't get your hopes up Rich. If this thing goes down anything like the trapping ban vote went, I can see Game and Fish doing what they did on the last anti vote. Instead of standing up for sound scientific management, they sat on their hands and let the PC and political forces have the final say. I hope and pray that I am wrong on this one but the past speaks for itself when it comes to Game and Fish.

From: 454bull
This one is going to be tough. Every time we fight this battle, the voting margins narrow. And our population gains more non-hunters each year than hunters.

From: StickFlicker
Not that I like defending G&F, but I don't think they are allowed to be involved in political agendas such as this, even when it is wildlife related.

From: Raminshooter
Get ready, as a native Californian that has moved out of that once great state I can attest that the same forces are after this hunt in AZ no doubt. Interesting thing is that since it passed in CA the state has killed more mtn lions each year than had been killed by hunters tags! Of course, they killed "trophy" hunting but "state" killing is just fine.

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