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Good public land hunting for deer.
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KS_Bowhunter82 28-Sep-17
slingNsticks 28-Sep-17
Mobowhunter 29-Sep-17
slingNsticks 29-Sep-17
dcal 02-Nov-17
I'm from out of state and looking for good public land hunting for deer and turkey on the Western side of Missouri. Can anyone point me in the right area please?

From: slingNsticks
Peabody and Harmony Mission conservation area , Old town not bad either and the south part of Four rivers wild life area there all state land you can find maps on Mo. conservation web site. They are all around the town of Rich hill Mo. Shell Osage not bad either if you are hunting with a bow.

I hunt schell Osage too. Big area and lots of deer. Or trade someone hunts to ks. I enjoy my one week in kansas more than hunting here all year.

From: slingNsticks
Shell Osage is a very nice place to hunt . Had a lot of good luck at harmony mission last few years with turkey.

From: dcal
Yea I wouldn’t leave Kansas go hunt Missouri unless you have a really good private farm!

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